The Panasonic GH5 – First Impressions!

We got to try out the much awaited, eagerly anticipated, well-previewed PANASONIC GH5 yesterday.

Yes, we are a real estate company and property blog, but we are also “nerdy techies” too.

First, a little story

We have been curious about online marketing for properties for a long time.

From SEO to SEM, email marketing, sms marketing to social media marketing.

In building up our skill sets for this genre of marketing, we realise that 3 things are very important.

  1. Ability – copywriting and appropriate use of multimedia for content that is useful and attractive to our audience
  2. Consistency – regular updates that offer a range of latest news and interesting daily snippets
  3. Sustainability – having breaks to think and plan, to review and and re-organise, instead of just be focused on constantly pushing content or worse! Spamming advertisements! OMG!

Anyways, back to the Panasonic GH5

Improving our team’s photography and videography skills took some time and effort.

Our current working tools are a couple of Nikon DSLRs and a range of ultra wide angle and prime lenses. The Panasonic range of GH5 and GX85 are really luring us to make the switch, but the 2x crop *tsk!*

Over the time that we spent improving our skill sets, we also made new friends with many photo / video enthusiasts and now have a good network of professionals and amateurs to consult with if we needed any help for our content creation, e.g. shooting property videos.

One of our friends is a true blue Panasonic supporter – with an impressive line-up of Panasonic cameras, the GX7, then GX8 and GH4, and now GH5. Can’t remember all the other Panasonic models he was using before these.

First impressions – The Panasonic GH5 (compared to a GH4);

  • The GH5 feels slightly heavier
  • The GH5 has a better grip (a bit larger)
  • The LCD is “supposedly” larger, we didn’t spot the difference
  • GH5 shoots 4k in 50fps (no need to use VFR)
  • The buttons are laid out so similarly, we were trying to figure out what they actually changed

On the surface, the buttons and layout are quite similar, except for the “red record button” which is now placed on top rather than at the back. The back position is now a joystick button (presumably for faster focus setting when using EVF).

GH5 vs GH4 - front
GH5 vs GH4 – front
GH5 vs GH4 - side
GH5 vs GH4 – side
GH5 vs GH4 - back
GH5 vs GH4 – back
GH5 vs GH4 - top
GH5 vs GH4 – top

The GH5 GH4 photos were taken using an old Samsung phone, please don’t be so particular, can?!


If you are interested in “professional article” on differences and official photos, here’s a link to dpreview’s article

The In Built Image Stabilisation of GH5 seems pretty good, we could see the difference when playing back video test file in camera (IBIS on vs IBIS off). Playback on screen should be a better way to judge.

Here’s our favourite ex-DigitalRev host (Kai) showing you what he thinks of the GH5, we’re just glad we didn’t need to appear on camera ourselves for this article, especially not wearing a bright pink coat!

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