In life, all you need is used toilet paper and vinegar

In life, all you need is used toilet paper and vinegar.

Blogging day 4

It’s a sunday! Got to chillax and lighten up a bit.

Today we discuss two “life hacks” that we’re confident you will enjoy.

As long as you have these 2 common problems in your life, you will need to know these two simple solutions.

Problem 1 – Tangled wires or Loose wires in your drawers

Solution – toilet paper (or rather the toilet roll, after using up all the paper). It’s a very simple solution, image below explains very clearly.

Toilet roll wire holder diySource & more toilet roll ideas –

Problem 2 – Rust

Solution – dip rusty part in vinegar for 24 hours, and watch the rust “melt away”.

Best way to believe it is to try it for yourself. Let us know in the comments below if these work / didn’t work for you.

Wikihow shows it so well we don’t even need to prepare any graphics for this.

This article was inspired after a viewing appointment at this apartment for rent at Novena, and needed a quick toilet break, only to discover …

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