Happy Earth Day! April 22nd – recycling vs upcycling

Blogging Day 3!

It’s the weekend, and we really shouldn’t be blogging on weekends.

Since it’s Earth Day and we’ve recently been doing some re-organisation (de-cluttering) in our office, and doing some recycling projects to minimise our waste. We just thought it would be good to have an article to promote recycling to our friends on this blog as well.

We’ve recently been told of this term called “Upcycling”. Isn’t it just the same as “re-cycling”? Well, apparently there’s a slight difference.

Recycling vs Upcycling
Recycling vs Upcycling

Recycling vs Upcycling?

Recycling means to turn waste into a reusable product or to refurbish a product for reuse.

Upcycling (a form of recycling) involves turning waste material or an unwanted product into a better-quality product.



Recycling wastes a lot of energy and gives less quality materials whereas Upcycling can give more value or a better use to the product.

With creativity and some knowledge of tools and materials, Upcycling does seem to be a great way to reduce the waste we generate.

If you are looking for ideas, YouTube is probably one of the best places to start. Here’s a playlist of some recycling videos that you might find useful.

And since many people’s homes and offices are bound to have IKEA products, here are some ideas on upcycled IKEA furniture.

Please don’t go and buy IKEA furniture just so that you can do a upcycling project, that’s kind of defeating the purpose of this whole article! =D

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