Day 2 of blogging – Can we insert an advertisement yet?

Today’s our 2nd day of blogging on this platform.

In the past, we would have already had a couple of property listings advertisements up on the blog already.

For our past attempts at blogging, we mainly used the blog as another advertising channel. Why? Coz we thought blogging was “good for SEO” and perhaps that could help generate traffic to our website.


After so many (failed) attempts at advertising through blogs, we have finally given up on advertising using blog articles.

We feel the blog should be used for providing useful news and updates on property market, analysis and commentaries on what interests us (and of course our readers).


That being said, there are still many property agents who are advertising through blogs, facebook, instagram, etc.

It will be interesting to analyse the efforts and success rates of these methods of advertising.

We still believe that in order for our potential customers to learn about us, we have to go to where they are most comfortable in. But in this new online media, what exactly is the best way for property agents to market (the properties and themselves)?

Many studies have shown that majority of new customers (in the real estate industry) are actually referrals from past customers. Why then are there still so many property agents being taught to advertise in social media platforms?

How is one agent (in facebook) any different from any other property agent that the customers meet on the street or at an open house? In fact, being able to meet face to face and have a useful conversation with the other agent probably means they stand a better chance in being noticed (and hired IF the customer decides to engage a property agent).

Isn’t it better to be concentrating our marketing efforts at meeting up with (old) customers, checking in to see how they are doing, and be genuinely concerned about their updates in life? Than to be pushing out tons of photos and advertisements on the social media platform (which could have lots of views but are not relevant to majority of the viewers).

Or is the real reason for social media marketing actually

… just to let the property agents feel good about themselves? To be able to “publish” these advertisements from the comforts of home, or a cafe? Just so that it felt like there was “work done”, no matter whether the work was of any use?

Perhaps, it’s time to re-focus!

Get back to doing what produces real results, i.e. making real phone calls, setting up real appointments, meeting up with real people, and selling real properties.

Oh and by the way, we’ve got a really nice house at Serangoon Gardens area that’s up for sale right now.

The owner is serious! If you are interested or know of anybody who might be interested, do check it out or share with your friends =)

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