Hello world! Start of Singapore Property Blog by ISR

Hello world!

Just installed WordPress for the umpteen times, and this is definitely not going to be the last time, but we’re really hoping that this blog can be maintained for a much longer period than our previous attempts at blogging =)

What’s Going To Happen?

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding articles and updates into our blog. Some of our old articles will also be uploaded back here (as long as they are still relevant and useful).

Why Another Property Blog?

The three main reasons for this blog;

#1 – Website Updates

This blog helps us to provide updates on our website’s developments and if you are interested in how our website is done, do consider subscribing as we offer you (especially Real Estate Salespersons) the tools we use in building up our website.

#2 – Market Commentary & Analysis

The blog will also be used for commentary and analysis when we find interesting property news and articles.

#3 – Resource Consolidation

It will be where we consolidate our resources, links, featured property listings, videos and other media content (and allowing for a longer “shelf-life” than getting lost in tons of news within your social media feed).

Any Feedback?

If you have any feedback on what we should be writing on our blog, do drop us a comment below! We will definitely take your views seriously, because you (our readers) are the main reason why we wish to have this blog to talk about Singapore property market.


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